Sunday Synopsis – Moving Forward

Another month has passed and I am so involved in this hula conference that I had, again, stalled in working on my novel. Of course, I am beating myself up about it and so my husband — bless his heart — reaches out to a friend of ours who is a published author, asking for any advice she might impart to help me get back and stay on track with my project. After all, I have been working on this project on and (mostly) off for a few years now.

Anyway, our husbands are band mates and a week ago, after a gig, everyone went over to their place for a small celebration of her husband’s birthday. During that little soiree, she and I had a nice talk and she told me that she had worked for 8 years on her début novel. She was having a difficult time writing during the day because they were running their business and she was just overwhelmed with interruptions. Finally, she decided enough was enough and she started a new routine. She got up at 4 am and wrote for two hours every morning, seven days a week, until she finally finished her book. By 6 am, she was ready to prepare for her work day.

She saw the look of horror on my face and quickly explained that, for her, it was the best time of the day because there was no distraction. Nothing going on. No phone calls, no email, nothing.  In that time, her mind was fresh and her characters talked to her and began revealing their story to her.  There was no struggle getting the words down.  After a while, she would wake up automatically, right at 4 am, looking forward to her time with her characters.

So, I resolved to give it a whirl.  I mean, what could it hurt, right?  It’s not like I’m doing anything but sleeping that time of the morning.  Last Monday, I awoke at 5 am — no need to get up as early as 4am because my workday starts later than hers — got out my computer, and in the darkness, started to write.  The first morning yielded about 300 words, the next 600, the 3rd day I wrote more than 800 words!  It has been seven days now and I have added an astounding 3500 words and 9 pages to my novel!  The last two mornings, I have awakened at 4:43 — same time both mornings — before my alarm goes off at 5am.

When I arise, I get the cats fed, my hot tea ready and turn on the computer.  By 5:20, I am writing.  This new routine is amazing and deeply gratifying.  Of course, I need to readjust my day a little and I usually take about an hour nap late in the afternoon, but the point is that I am fresh and ready to write in the early hours of the morning, every morning.  And my novel is progressing.

Wonderful what a little willingness to make a change and create a new routine can do.  I am forever grateful for the advice I received from my friend.  We are celebrating another birthday this evening after the band plays their gig and I look forward to telling her just how much of a positive impact this new routine has made for me!


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I have to make my cupcakes…

…but I decided to write a little bit first. I am really no good at keeping up with my blog, but I do try.  I have been semi-retired for a week now and my days still go by so fast I hardly know what I’ve done. But, when I stop long enough to think about it, I have accomplished some things.

While I am not currently writing pages in my novel, I am thinking while I do other things.  I am happy to say I have completed an initial draft of my latest article. Now I am letting it sit, so I can go back and edit. I have also gotten my husband onto some social media and am working to create a blog for him.  Then there’s catching up with friends and family.  Been a long time since I sat down and had a cup of tea with my neighbor or lunch with my good friend who lives in Kapahi.

So, while it’s Valentine’s Day and I am not writing about love and flowers, we are going to a party tonight.  So I just thought I’d exercise my writing muscle and do a quick blog post before I go into the kitchen and make my cupcakes!



Monday Morning Tea

I keep meaning to write posts more often, but, somehow I always get side-tracked.  I think I must be great at procrastination!  Well, we all have to be great at something, don’t we?

Writing, though, is more important to me than any other endeavor.  I love the creative outlet.  I feel “clogged up” like a dammed up river, when I can’t get the flow of words out.  I won’t say that all I think about is writing, because there is so much more to think about on a daily basis, like what radio station to listen to in the car and how many Brussels sprouts I should add to my stir fry.  Overall, however, as far as any given activity in which I engage, writing is the most important.  And when I do sit down to write and focus on just that — no TV, no Twitter, no Facebook — I actually do write.

Sometimes I wonder what to write about.  I feel like I have nothing to say.  How can that be? I realize that I may not have anything I want to share at that moment, but I can still write.  There are scenes to write and string together for my novel — oh Jeez, will I EVER finish this novel??? There are thoughts about what is going on here at home. There are lists of topics for articles I might want to write.

The point is, I am sitting and writing while enjoying my Monday morning tea, before I get ready for the day job.  I am committed to turning my career back to writing for a living.  This is how I live and breathe — through words on a page (rather on a  computer screen).  I must be patient, but I must focus on writing as my ultimate goal.  The only way to do that is to continue to write and to create pieces that can be submitted for publication, no matter what the cost in emotional distress from rejections.  It’s worth it to me.

I suppose it’s like anything else. You have to get past the fear of actually doing something in order to do it.  Fear that I am not a good enough writer or fear of rejection has to be put aside. At this point, it is not as strong as my desire to make writing my career.

Well, the tea is almost gone and I have to go off to dress for work. Stay tuned for updates.  I think I am developing an idea for a new article already! (See, I sat down to write 30 minutes ago and have written an entire post of almost 450 words!)