Monday Morning Tea

I keep meaning to write posts more often, but, somehow I always get side-tracked.  I think I must be great at procrastination!  Well, we all have to be great at something, don’t we?

Writing, though, is more important to me than any other endeavor.  I love the creative outlet.  I feel “clogged up” like a dammed up river, when I can’t get the flow of words out.  I won’t say that all I think about is writing, because there is so much more to think about on a daily basis, like what radio station to listen to in the car and how many Brussels sprouts I should add to my stir fry.  Overall, however, as far as any given activity in which I engage, writing is the most important.  And when I do sit down to write and focus on just that — no TV, no Twitter, no Facebook — I actually do write.

Sometimes I wonder what to write about.  I feel like I have nothing to say.  How can that be? I realize that I may not have anything I want to share at that moment, but I can still write.  There are scenes to write and string together for my novel — oh Jeez, will I EVER finish this novel??? There are thoughts about what is going on here at home. There are lists of topics for articles I might want to write.

The point is, I am sitting and writing while enjoying my Monday morning tea, before I get ready for the day job.  I am committed to turning my career back to writing for a living.  This is how I live and breathe — through words on a page (rather on a  computer screen).  I must be patient, but I must focus on writing as my ultimate goal.  The only way to do that is to continue to write and to create pieces that can be submitted for publication, no matter what the cost in emotional distress from rejections.  It’s worth it to me.

I suppose it’s like anything else. You have to get past the fear of actually doing something in order to do it.  Fear that I am not a good enough writer or fear of rejection has to be put aside. At this point, it is not as strong as my desire to make writing my career.

Well, the tea is almost gone and I have to go off to dress for work. Stay tuned for updates.  I think I am developing an idea for a new article already! (See, I sat down to write 30 minutes ago and have written an entire post of almost 450 words!)