Friday Focus

Heading into another week-end and another opportunity to spend some time writing. I have been flying pretty high lately because I had an article published in a magazine — both hard copy and online.  It appears in the fall issue of Kauai Traveler Magazine (

This has been a real inspiration for me to continue writing and to add some more focus on writing freelance — articles and stories.  There is nothing more exhilarating than seeing your work and your name in print. I have also decided to let my first love — poetry — back out of the box.  My new project is a book of poems.  I had two poems published in the long ago past, and never really stopped writing it.  I just stopped submitting.  Well, that will change.

My focus for this week-end is to accomplish some work on the novel — oh and it’s our 13th anniversary, so we are spending time together doing what we enjoy!

Hope you have a focus for the week-end as well!  Aloha Friday!



Hi there,

I have re-launched  Here you will find the same blog posts as on my Word Press site — for now — as I lost all my previous blogs from my previous hosting site.  This was entirely my fault as I wasn’t paying attention to my emails and let the site lapse.  Lessons learned.

In any case, you will see some repeats from my site.  So you can keep up no matter where you read my posts.

I hope you will continue to read mine as I rebuild my blogroll and reconnect with all my favorites.  Thanks to all my supporters!! Aloha e.