At the workshop last night I submitted a piece that I had revised based on comments received at an earlier workshop. I got good, useable feedback and when I asked if there was more I could do to strenghten the interest to read on, I was told the interest was there and I should write on!

I suppose the revelation here is that we writers not only have to give ourselves permission to write, we have to give ourselves permission move forward and continue writing the story, novel, poem, etc. Hmmmm.

About Writing

I am a writer.  There, I said it.  I write.  I have written since I could form words with a pencil.  I have written coherent stuff since I was eight.  I am a writer and there is no getting around it.  Truthfully, I don’t want to avoid it any longer. 

I have two projects going now.  I am writing  my first novel (I know there will me more) and I am restarting my writing business.  I do grant writing and technical writing.  So, if you need a grant proposal or a technical manual written, I am your writer. 

As for my novel, I have finally started moving forward.  This has been festering in my mind and body for a very long time.  I could always find something else to do instead of write.  However, the pages only get written when I actually sit down to write them. 

One page at a time.  Stop focusing on the size of the project and just focus on getting a page or more written every day.  Sounds easy, right?  Not so much.  Still it is difficult to set time aside everyday to write.  I am always working on that one.  It’s only the most important aspect of writing.  The book is not going to write itself.  And, I have discovered that nothing is more  satisfying than getting your story out of your head and on the paper or computer.   It is the truest feeling of freedom I have ever experienced and I want to feel that all the time! 

So, I am writing this blog to follow the progress of my novel (and maybe my various grant projects).  Soon, you’ll see me on the back cover!