Changes Afoot

You may see double entries of posts on my blog. I have transferred my other domain name ( to this site and when I imported all the posts, the duplicates I’ve been doing for the past year were included. No worries. Both domains now work to get to my posts! And I only have to put them up once! I will miss the cool theme I had with my self-hosted site but this will be much easier for me to handle. I appreciate your continued support!!

Mahalo nui loa (Thank you very much)!

Back on Track

In the midst of the day-to-day, I am back on track writing in the early morning hours. We are experiencing our usual September humid-heat wave, so it’s been really warm in the mornings. This morning, I took my laptop out to the lanai and wrote as the sun came up. Very inspiring!

While I am trying to flesh out one of the subplots of my novel, I finally feel like I am heading in the right direction. The main plot is starting to take shape and I understand what needs to happen.

I had a realization this morning that changed everything for my MC. She will be able to make more sense of her main goal despite the chaos happening around her. I’m feeling so much better about the middle of my WIP now. Phew!

Back on track — writing and plot. Yes!!


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Writing is NOT a Hobby?

It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is for me to abandon my writing to do something else — surf the social media sites, work on a bathroom remodel, write a presentation for an upcoming class, watch the news.  I have a wonderful new regimen for writing and it was working great, until I interrupted it with finishing my presentation for the class I am teaching in the fall.  Granted, the presentation needed to be finished, but during MY WRITING TIME set aside specifically for ME???????

I think I get so caught up in necessities and expectations that I sacrifice the one thing that means the most to me — my writing time.  So how is it that I can so easily give up my writing time to use for other purposes.  Well, if I knew that, I could stop it (couldn’t I?).  It makes me wonder whether writing is all that important to me after all.  How can I so easily sacrifice it to the banality of the day-to-day.

The reality of my writing life is that maybe, just maybe, I still don’t look at it as a career.  So often we are raised to believe that any artistic expression is a hobby, not a career.  As a hobby, it becomes secondary to the responsibilities of the day-to-day routine.  So I think I still have that in my mind, at the heart of the matter.  My writing, while I love it, is still a hobby to me and not a career.  So, how do I change that notion?  How do I reprogram my belief system to accommodate writing as a my career?  After all, I was a professional technical writer for most of my adult life.  Why is writing a novel any different? Hmmm.  I will have to ponder on that some.



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My Art is My Life

A lot of artists, writers included, will tell you that their lives would be incomplete and unfulfilling if they were unable to express their artistic side. I can tell you this is no exaggeration! I have recently blogged about my new writing schedule, which has worked out brilliantly! This past two weeks, however, have not been very productive because I have been sleeping in… In fact, I am not getting enough rest to wake up as early as I need to in order to write.

While I love my early morning writing sessions, I am sleepy and turning off the alarm. Well, that has to change and it did, as of this morning. I will just have to take a nap during the day or go to bed earlier. I have so much pent up stuff — I don’t know what else to call it — that I feel bloated, full to the brim, the words need to tumble out! I have felt disengaged and frustrated.

So, despite the tiredness, if I persevere, I will learn how to adjust my sleeping patterns in order to get more rest. I have made a pact with myself not to let anyone or anything interfere with my writing sessions ever again.

In order to enjoy your life, you must allow yourself to express your art!



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New Poem…

Every once in a while I am inspired to write a poem.  After all, I started out writing poetry, my first publications were poems, so it stands to reason, I will continue to write poetry.  This one is inspired by a writing prompt I saw on Twitter from @prompt_fairy (thank you!).  This poem is on the dark side, not my usual style, but I thought I’d share it on this blog  It was originally shared on my other blog site on July 24 at

Thanks for checking it out!


Writing Prompts

Even though I am working on a novel, I sometimes want to change the scenery, so to speak, and write something different.  My intention is to keep the prose fresh by exercising other types of writing. Yesterday was such a day.  I was running through my twitter feed and found a writing prompt from @prompt_fairy (mahalo, by the way).  The prompt was for a flash fiction, but I used it in a poem.  It’s a little dark, not my usual style, but I enjoyed writing it.  You can read it here if you’re so inclined.

So, in my usual early morning writing session today, I put down 836 words, including the beginnings of a new subplot.  This is why, for me, writing outside of the main project once in awhile helps expand my creative flow. What “devices” do you use to increase your creative flow?