Aloha to New Changes

For many years, I have written under a nom de plume that I created back in 1986.  Well, It took me 30 years, but I’ve decided to write under my own name — sort of — from now on.  My author name has changed to NC Overton.

My greatest challenge right now, though, is whether to abandon this blog address and create a new one or keep this one (I cannot rename the web address).  Hmmm.  Changing feels like starting all over.  Well, I will decide that later.  There could be some perks in moving to a new site.  Like getting a fresh start, right?  Although, I really don’t feel like I need a fresh start, just a change.  So, I will ponder this question for a bit and will post my update another day.

I hope whatever I decide, my readers will stick with me.



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