Changing My Blog’s Platform

Over the past year or so, I began using my blog as a sounding board, but it seems to me that I am just exploring my feelings and I can do that in my personal diary.  So I am changing my blog’s platform to discuss things I am learning about writing a novel.  Much of this will be personal learning, but I think a readership of other artistic people may find their own challenges addressed.

It is already the end of April and I am still stalled, but I have resolved to use this as a learning experience and devote most of my free time to writing.  After some major reality checking about why it is taking me such a dreadfully long time to write this novel, I have learned a few things.  First, I need to learn to say, “I’m working, please do not disturb me.”  Or simply, “No.”  I am semi-retired, after all, and I intended to finish my book last year.  Second, I need to learn to push through those disturbances and go back to my writing.  Third, I have not been thinking of my writing as a job.

My challenge is all the little unnecessary disturbances begin to feel like sabotage.  If I don’t stick to my guns and insist on the time to write, the situation will never change.  It’s the equivalent of doing the same thing repeatedly while expecting different results.  There’s a reason for that statement.  It’s absolutely true!  So, while the interruptions are a challenge, I know my story, I know what’s supposed to happen, so I should not let the interruptions get to me.  When left to my own time, I will write.

As to the last revelation, Thinking of my writing as a job is crucial to my success.  If I don’t feel like this is a real job, then it becomes a little hobby I can put away in the closet while I focus on more important things.  Not anymore!  I write.  I am a writer.  This is my profession, my job.  All too often we look at an activity as being a job only when we get paid.  Well, if I don’t write, I don’t get paid.  Simple.

These are my lessons for this week.  I’m sure I will discover more as I move through the process to the finish line.  Then it will be time to start on the next one. Next week, I attend a writer’s conference.  I’m sure I’ll have more pearls of wisdom and revelations after that.  I am looking forward to it.

Happy writing!


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