Sex Can Reveal a Character’s Personality

Notes from Esmae on this morning’s writing session and what came out of it…

Novel Notes

I just finished writing the first sex scene in my WIP — granted it was mostly in the character’s imagination, but still pretty vivid. I don’t really know where it came from and I had no intention of writing any sex scene between these two characters: the main antagonist (Rocco) and his wife (Sabine). Somehow, it just happened.

It is necessary to explain that the scene turned out to be more of a brief insight into his thinking and his personality. He’s a very demanding individual with a need for control. Interestingly, his wife seems to enjoy this part of his personality and knows full well that he needs to control her during sex. Something tells me he has little control over her in any other facet of their life together.

It was strange writing a sexual scene that is so dominating. He is old-fashioned and a bit on the…

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