Thanksgiving Thoughts

Happy Thanksgiving to all! My personal notes…

Tidings from North Shore Kauai

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I usually write my author blog ( because I am usually writing about, well, writing. Today, I thought I would start using my personal blog for more things I am interested in going on around the North Shore and Kauai.  At most times in my life, I identify with my writing more so than the other aspects of my existence, but I have close connections to music (through my husband), hula, and other things going on here in our piece of paradise.

Anini Beach

So, I am writing about all that here.  This is my life’s podium and I expect to use it to talk about the things I love. I am particularly excited about the upcoming Hula Conference (Ka Aha Hula O Halauaola 2014 – and I am so very grateful that I will be able to be a part of it through my…

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