Thoughts on Web Presence

I read a lot during the holidays — mostly catching up on my WD (Writer’s Digest) magazines.  Lo & behold, WD has an entire issue devoted to web presence! Wow, who knew authors were not only expected to write stories, poems, novels, articles, etc., but also blogs and tweets and Facebook status updates. Oh my!  Well, needless to say, I am always inspired by the articles I read in WD, so I took them to heart the next morning and made a plan for both my writing and real estate blogs, as well as my Twitter and Facebook accounts. 

So I am now working…or so I think.  As most of us know, we writers can certainly spend a lot of time procrastinating.  In fact, I have discovered there are several new ways to procrastinate now:  by tweeting, updating, and blogging incessantly;  catching up on other people’s tweets, status updates, and blogs; and commenting on said tweets, status updates, and blogs.  Oh my!  I probably have always known this, but when I was online yesterday, preparing to update my real estate blog ( I realized that much of my time was actually spent finding and reading other blogs and tweets and status updates…OH MY!!!  I suddenly realized that I was, in fact, procrastinating by doing all this “catching up.”  Of course, there is the obligatory reading and commenting if you want to be read and commented upon, but really, several hours? I don’t think so!

So, my thoughts about all this blogging, tweeting, and status updating are a little mottled.  While I think blogging is a great way to exercise your writing skills and speak to others, I have mixed feelings about tweeting and status updating.  So many people tweet and update continuously about nothing all day.  I recommend setting your blog to update Twitter and Facebook every time you blog.  Then you can visit Twitter and Facebook at the end of your day when you have completed your pages or whatever your daily discipline for writing is.  Unless you can read and respond mindlessly all day as you write your own works.  I am not one to multitask in that way — of course, that topic will be saved for another blog.

Blog on, people…and remember to reserve some time for the business of writing! Happy New Year!!

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