Staying Present

We are a goal-oriented society. This in itself is a good thing. But while we are so focused on our goals — like carrots dangling from a string, we have forgotten to look around, to feel, to understand the process. It is important to remain present.

In some instances, the goal is so large, it can be overwhelming, so we smartly divvy it up into smaller chunks, however, we still get lost in those chunks.

This applies to writing in a big way! My experience of writing each page, each chapter of my novel is far more important to me right now, than the end goal. True, we accomplish something and the feeling of satisfaction is heady, but allowing myself to experience the writing keeps me focused on the characters and the events while I am writing them. It also helps me start writing. If I think about how big the ultimate goal is, I get stymied!

While writing my novel, I have to remain present and stop looking at the end goal — THE NOVEL. In the end, it’s not just about the accomplishment, but the experiences on the way.

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