Interview Questions for an Article


I am writing an article about forms of meditation.  I have posted my interview questions below.  I am inviting anyone with a serious practice to respond. 

1)      Have you ever used writing as a form of meditation?

2)      If so, what type (e.g.: journaling, automatic, etc.)?

3)      Do you use any other creative activities as meditation (e.g., painting, drawing, etc.)?

4)      Briefly describe what you experience during your practice.

5)      Do you use any traditional forms of meditation (e.g. chanting or pranayama)?

6)      If you use more traditional forms of meditation as well, what differences do you notice in how you feel after practice?

Please place your responses in the comment section…

2 thoughts on “Interview Questions for an Article

  1. alice says:

    I saw your comment on YJ “I thought I was safe from Sarah Palin on YJ”, and thought, “I thought I was safe from Julia Roberts on YJ”. She is my least favorite actor, I don’t think she’s really talented at all. She basically plays the same part in all her movies I’ve seen, the worst of which was that awful Notting Hill. I couldn’t sit through that. However, I have to respect her choice of spirituality, time will tell if it was just a phase or something real.

  2. I did not post the comment “I thought I was safe from Sara Palin on YJ”, I posted the one above it. Julia Roberts is one of my favorite actresses. But, we are all entitled to our opinions.

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